Monday, 26 April 2010

head over heels

My concentration span is terrible. I can never sit still or stay focused on one thing for very long.
Dissertation writing is traumatic - where to sit, where to read? I like writing on trains, but that's an expensive seat.

With 4,000 words committed to paper, I'm back in the studio, which is a terrible place to write - far too many distractions. I spoke to Louise today about making new work. I worry that in tutorials I get very quiet. I get ideas very quickly but never want to vocalise them, the ideas are too young and undeveloped. Louise has this calm reflection when talking about work, she asks the right questions and draws out potential problems and then possible solutions.

Today was a 6am start after 3 hours sleep. It's funny that a lack of sleep can bring an odd sense of clarity. I always leave things till last minute, but it works for me. Most of the time. I'm getting better at it...

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