Monday, 24 May 2010


Today was the semester 2 presentation for MFA. After a little sleep and a lot of snoozing the alarm I made it into uni via a peanut butter, banana and almonds breakfast, for last minute presentation swotting. After our last assessment, I was told I needed to work on my presentation skills. I'm not so sure about presentations and presentation skills. I was speaking to Ross about this earlier. He finds that there is this horrible tension where it begins very academically, but lurches back and forth from completely informal into art discourse. I don't mind this so much. My thoughts and ideas are often scattered but overlap heavily and therefore seem quite suitable for this chaotic and unsure structure.

Semester 2 is ending. I'm terrified. It feels far too soon to be over. The dissertation ate so much studio time, but in turn gave me an incredible amount of clarity in my research and huge inspiration to get back into making. Graham commented that there had been a creative burst in my studio. I find it so funny that most tutors comment that I should tidy my studio space, but Graham comments on how productive the space feels. I tidied for the assessment. The floor was covered in cardboard boxes and stuck together parcel tape (you know that way that it sticks to itself the minute you have bitten it off the reel and it won't unstick to matter how hard you will it to?). But straight away after I tidied I thought I should have left it the way it was. In undergrad we would take assessment so seriously- painting the walls white, whiter, whiter. Not that I haven't taken these assessments seriously - of course I have, but it feels so different. I don't want to edit my studio space. Like in Berlin- the gallery walls had the last exhibitions screw holes left uncovered, pencil marks for hanging and peeling paint and lino. It was beautiful. And everywhere you turned was graffiti on graffiti, in restaurant toilets, in stairwells, on studio walls. Lettering, text... everywhere. Inspired? Maybe....


Sunday, 23 May 2010

shot to shit

My concentration span is TERRIBLE.

I'm trying to:
demonstrate my conceptual skills;
prove the quality of my finished work (but I guess that speaks for itself either way);
provide evidence of visual and intellectual enquiry related to finalised work, work in progress and research interests;
demonstrate awareness of the historical and theoretical context of my practice.

I am also trying to coax the cat through from the bedroom for some cat milk and cuddles but she's having NONE of it. In all fairness she isn't my cat and we don't often cuddle, only when I've fallen asleep and she has fallen asleep on my feet as they are on her side of the bed.

I know that I can tick all these boxes, I've been working on this all semester. I even enjoyed writing my dissertation. Well, parts of it. The parts when I wasn't hating it. Parts.

And I've just realised that I've written all my notes on the back of an unopened envelope of Michelles. But she'll forgive me. Maybe not when she realises it's in permanent marker and it has most likely bled through....
Sorry bella.....

Friday, 7 May 2010


Cardboard boxes + parcel tape + cubic zirconia + warbling bird whistles + gold spray paint