Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Meet Roisin

We have recently started a collective to work collaboratively, we share the same interests and work in the same mediums: drawing, printmaking, sculpture and installation. We are combining our individual practices to create an exciting new body of work, which will comprise of video work inspired by Talking Heads, a collection of merkins inspired by celebrity icons, collages of online dating failures and drawing, always drawing to discover our hybrid alter ego - Roisin.

We are Janey Muir and Michelle Souter. We are Roisin.

In a world full of baddies and heartbreakers, we fear for our confidence, we seek to find humour where we can: we hide behind our masks, our wigs, our merkins.

Our first series of work is a collection of merkins that pay tribute to popular icons. Each merkin will be an individual piece of couture, lovingly created for a high profile person in the public eye. The merkins will be diverse, ranging from, the highly practical and discrete merkin for the self-conscious wearer, to the outlandish and extravagant. It is intended that, after the collection has been exhibited each merkin is to be posted to the icon that inspired it – Tracey Emin, Anish Kapoor, Amy Winehouse, Hugh Fernley Whittingstall, Lady Gaga, Chelsey (Lately) Handler, The Queen, Vivienne Westwood, Perez Hilton and Louise Bourgious. Like a fan club for lusty teenage girls, we will send our hopes, dreams and our hand crafted goods to the celebrity apples of our eye.

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