Monday, 14 December 2009

MFA Study Proposal

“Simon Starling presents deceptively common objects: airplanes, lamps, chairs, plants and cars. Altered or taken out of context, they lose their muteness, and elaborate yarns spin from them: stories linking the heroic or eccentric endeavors of individuals to larger, more complex and abstract economic and social processes of transformation.”

The Nomadic Handbag is a fully functioning object. Through transformative process, the handbag will fold out to form a tent – influenced by Mongolian nomadic dwellings. The object is intended for the urban nomad, a label that I haven given to myself, someone of no fixed abode but someone who sleeps in many different places throughout the course of seeking permanent accommodation.

Surrealist objects are very influential to in my practice, Meret Oppenheims Breakfast In Fur is a fully functional object but with its function disabled. Does the transformative process of altering a mass-produced object into a Readymade rid the object of its intended purpose or can the sculpture still be used as a functional object? Through my studio practice I will explore the role of structures that were designed and created to be functional everyday articles and consequently used to convey a concept. The role of mass-produced consumer objects will be examined by exploring the work of Marcel Duchamp, Meret Oppenheim, Jeff Koons, Simon Starling and Roger Hiorns, with particular interest in the objects original function and the removal of this use. I seek to give objects further and greater use than originally intended. Oversized Flyswatter from The Toughen Up Series is no longer suitable for flies, instead it is a tool for the crueler more controlling human to crush the hopes and dreams of who they deem to be a lesser. Like the majority of my work, it is inspired from the occurrences we face in daily life and approached sculpturally with the proverbial pinch of salt.

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